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40% off limited designer underwear and swimwear

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$54 for $90 on underwear and swimwear

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For hot beaches and pool parties, work and play – What are you wearing?

If it's bold design, cool comfort, and (of course) sex appeal, then try Skmpeez. Known for bright, broadly appealing swimwear (“Swimmerz”), Skmpeez unveiled in 2012 an equally attractive underwear collection (“Undeez”).

$54 for $90 lets you try both! (And shipping is free!)

Designed for the active modern man, choose from a number of swimwear styles: men’s euro cut, box cut, bikini, sunga style, square cut, and trunks. The Undeez collection includes briefs, boxers, and boxer briefs.

Worn from Los Angeles to Barcelona and from the boardroom to the bedroom, Skmpeez wants you to have classy, sexy comfort all day and everywhere. That’s why most in either collection have high cotton content and multiple waistbands –because everything about Skmpeez should feel good.

For more details on the Skmpeez 2012 line (and Mark!), watch this video: (By the way, the handsome man first shown is Mark's best friend and business partner, Vil.)

$54 gets you $90 at Skmpeez, one of the most colorful, sexy, classy, and comfortable men's swimwear and underwear brands anywhere. 

After purchasing this offer, you'll receive a voucher code to use during Checkout at

Basic shipping is free throughout the United States and Canada! (Thanks, Mark!)

Vouchers cannot be combined for a single order.

After July 19th, 2012, each voucher is reduced to $54 instead of $90, so use it when you buy it! 

That's it! Have fun this summer!

"The new swimsuit styles are to die for specially the new BANDZ style which is a leaner cut than their previous styles and features a 2″ waistband which is super sexy! I’m off to Miami for Easter weekend and I am definitely gonna sport my BANDZ ZAP style swimsuit on the beach.

They’ve also ventured into men’s underwear, aptly names UNDEEZ and not only are the styles great but they are also very very comfortable. Trust me, I know. I have 2 pairs and I’m loving the stretchy fabric and wide waistband.

- Redd, "Skmpeez: New styles for Spring and Summer 2012,"

"The debut of the underwear collection consists of 28 vibrant color variations in four different elastic waistband designs. The high quality construction and precision tailoring combined with dynamic colors and comfy fabric blends make UNDEEZ “the new bold and exciting MUST HAVE underwear brand!” according to a press release.

With their track record of well-constructed, stylishly-designed garments, we don’t have any trouble imagining that Undeez will make its way to the top of our drawer."

- "SKMPEEZ announces Undeez," The Underwear Expert.

Seeing is believing, so enjoy this mini-video of the Toronto Pride 2010 crowd loving SKMPEEZ: 

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SKMPEEZ strives to make every man look his absolute best on the beach, next to the pool and in his every day wear whether at work or at play.Meet Mark >>