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50% Off a Healthier Run & Natural Stride

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$50 for $100 on minimalist footwear, with free shipping

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Right now, $50 will get you $100 at, with free shipping through 2012 to the U.S. and Canada! There are no product exclusions and it's all direct from Vibram, making this the best deal Vibram has EVER offered. 

Do you want to run faster? Do you want a smoother stride? Do your ankles, knees, or hips feel off? How about your spine? If you said ‘yes’ to any of these things, consider a pair of Vibram’s FiveFingers. VFFs are modeled after technological marvels: human feet. You may look at VFFS and think they look funny, but there are reasons for this aesthetic. Here are a few:

Humans are built to be barefoot.

If you want a pair of running shoes, check out the Seeyas. If you’re into watersports, take a look at these built-for-grip TrekSports. If you’re a trail-runner, these KSOs will suit you. If you get these, check out Vibram’s shirts and socks as well. To redeem the voucher, you must spend the $100 minimum.

If your VFFs do not fit right, you can exchange them for another size 90 days after your purchase.

VFFs are tools. They will not fix your body for you, but they encourage a healthy, natural stride and posture.

Everyday, we take between 8,000 and 10,000 steps. Over the course of our life, we’ll walk up to 115,000 miles. That’s like walking around the globe four times. Are you ready?

What you need to know: 

  • $50 gets you $100 of minimalist athletic footwear, socks, and athletic apparel from Vibram FiveFingers.
  • And shipping is free in the U.S. and Canada through December 2012!
  • A $100 minimum at Checkout is required to redeem voucher.
  • A Vibram gift certificate code will be emailed to you following your Daily Hookup purchase.
  • You may purchase up to two vouchers, including 1 for yourself and 1 more as a gift.
  • Vouchers expire on February 5, 2013.

Outdoor enthusiasts, doctors, scientists and fitness gurus agree that Vibram FiveFingers' "barefoot" minimalist movement has changed the world of athletic footwear for good. 

“OK, clear your throat. Now let out a hearty laugh. Yes, these are gloves for your feet, and they look silly. Now listen: Vibram USA is onto something here. I have run close to 100 miles in a pair of FiveFingers, and darn if I’m not becoming a convert.” (Gear Junkie-January 8, 2008)

“After two weeks of wearing them, the lower-back pain I'd had for more than 10 years disappeared and hasn't returned since I started experimentation about 8 weeks ago.” (Huffington Post-May 25, 2009)

"I enjoyed wearing the Vibram FiveFingers KSO shoes and I would recommend them to those people who want to run barefoot but want their feet to have some protection...I give Vibram FiveFingers KSO my top rating, 5 Toes Up” (America’s Podiatrist-August 29, 2009)

No other shoe company has developed such a loyal following or developed such an iconic brand as Vibram FiveFingers. They started with a few employees years ago and have turned into an incredible success with a large team behind a significant product range. I love that Vibram has continued to produce such excellent products and dug in their toes when it came to what must have been pressure to make more conventional looking shoes. Vibram has already refined the FiveFingers design, so now all that’s left is to make evolutionary products for smaller niches and aesthetic tastes. (Living Barefoot-February 1, 2012)

FiveFingers have helped me be a kid again: as a kid, I never wore shoes, preferring always to be barefoot everywhere. Even today, I rarely wear shoes, preferring Birkenstock sandals in the summer or clogs in the winter (or just wearing flip-flops). FiveFingers are great in that they allow me to do all sorts of active things outside, no matter what the surface while still protecting my feet against wayward sharp objects on the ground. (Justin Owings, creator of Vibram FiveFingers fan site 31, 2008)

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Washington DC


Vibram FiveFingers is an awesome leader in the barefoot running market. They provide ample education to get started, offer a wide range of product options, and all the styles and colors are very fashionable (for those of us who desire a good looking "barefoot"). I'm relatively new to the world of barefoot running and have enjoyed my first pair or Vibram FiveFingers immensely - and was really drawn to Vibram's passion for minimalist running.Meet Joe >>