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50% Off High-Tech and Stylish Tees and Dress Shirts

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$40 for $80 on shirts

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For $40, today’s offer gets you $80 at Ministry of Supply, a brand new, Made in America, and groundbreaking “performance businesswear” company that applied materials science and engineering principles to completely reimagine and dramatically improve the men’s dress shirt.

$80 is enough for multiple Performance Base Layer or Atmos tees, a half off discount on their acclaimed Agent dress shirt, and a 40% discount on the premier product, the Apollo shirt, which comes with NASA-grade temperature control technology. Even better, shipping and exchanges are free!

Based on lessons learned from NASA’s space suits, the labs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and world-class design, technology, and innovation companies like Apple and IDEO, Ministry of Supply shirts are sweat, odor, wrinkle and stain proof and bacteria resistant.

And thanks to the manufacturing talents of a firm hired by the likes of Ralph Lauren and EXPRESS, the shirts are stylish and extremely comfortable.

You can literally run laps and arrive at your next meeting dry to the touch (really, we’ve tried it).

These shirts and the unique material are game-changing for menswear. In fact, so many people agree with us that Ministry of Supply’s Kickstarter campaign smashed all records for crowdsourced financing in the fashion category. Daily Hookup Curator Paul Norton also has only the highest praises.

In other words, Ministry of Supply had a national following even before its formal launch this past month. 

Do you still need convincing? We're huge fans of dress shirts influenced by space suits, and this video put us all over the edge:

What you need to know: 

  • For $40, today’s offer gets you $80 at Ministry of Supply, a brand new and groundbreaking “performance businesswear” company that applied materials science and engineering principles to completely reimagine and dramatically improve the men’s dress shirt.
  • Shipping and exchanges are free!*
  • Vouchers once redeemed may not be refunded. 
  • You may purchase an unlimited amount of this offer. 
  • Multiple vouchers may not be redeemed in a single purchase order - multiple vouchers will require multiple purchase orders. 
  • All vouchers expire on October 12, 2012. 

*Free shipping and exchanges applies to U.S. customers only.

"The Apollo shirt, for which their Kickstarter is raising funds, takes the phase-change materials used in NASA space suits to craft a dress shirt that adapts to its wearer. If it is warm out, the shirt pulls heat from your body to cool you down, removing sweat and odor as it does so. When the office air conditioning starts to chill, the shirt releases the energy it stored to warm its wearer back up, all the while remaining wrinkle free.

It’s a simple idea that uses the latest technology to solve a problem business professionals have dealt with for eternity. The company has already sold three limited lines of dress shirts and undershirts, and is now set to expand its operation."

Forbes, June, 22 2012 - "The Future of Dress Shirts is Here - and it's Sweat Free"

"But what is it about these dress shirts that has people so excited? The team’s line of dress shirts, called “Apollo” use a knit, synthetic (and proprietary) blend of fibers that use “Phase Change Materials” to control your body temperature by pulling heat away from your body and storing it in the shirt. Find yourself back in air conditioning and the shirt releases the stored heat to keep you feeling warm — and like a million bucks.

The shirts, like Under Armour, also wick sweat and moisture away from your body and, by using an anti-microbial coating, get rid of that pesky bacteria that makes you smell like a barnyard. Not only that, but having done strain analysis and designing the shirt with motion in mind, the Apollo line adapts to your movements and stays tucked in and wrinkle free all the live long day.

In essence, it’s a magic shirt."

TechCrunch, June 30, 2012 - "With Tech from Space, Ministry of Supply is Building the Next Generation of Dress Shirts."

Watch a video review of the Agent shirt here: 

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"Ministry of Supply's Founder, Gihan Amarasiriwardena, has been a friend of mine since I was in fourth grade. He has had an interest in innovative clothing since high school, when he was making me winter running clothes out of tyvek stolen off the side of houses.

Ministry of Supply has the goal of creating clothes with the look of professional business wear and the comfort of athletic clothes. The material that allows the shirts to look sleek and feel great was actually invented by Gihan and some of his friends at MIT, and the design is really slim fitting.

While I bought a shirt mostly to be a good friend, after a few months of wearing it I can honestly say it offers a combination of looks and comfort that no other shirt does."Meet Paul >>