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Half Off VIP Access to the Biggest NYC Pride Party

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$79 for $150 VIP ticket

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We're back, and better than ever! Daily Hookup member Patrick Crough from NY has brought us an incredible deal for Pride.

There is only one way to handle a crowd like that: as an ultra VIP!  Two words: express entry.  Two more: private bathrooms.  

Matinée knows our members demand the best, and they want The Daily Hookup kinda guy to fill the VIP room.  To get you they have provided us with an unbeatable and limited offer: Ultra VIP tickets at nearly half off -- $79 for a $150 ticket.  A regular ticket at the door costs more!  Do not miss this Daily Hookup exclusive for the hottest party in NY next weekend!

At a 100,000 square-foot, outdoor, 4-floored, high-tech venue at Governor’s Beach Club on Governor’s Island in New York City, you will live the greatest single party of your life. Based on extraordinary parties produced in Spain that regularly draw up to 70,000 of the sexiest people anywhere, Matinee NYC is transforming the US gay party scene.

Watch this video and see for yourself:

The Pride Waterpark Festival attracts thousands worldwide and covers the length of the island. It also features “the biggest celebrity performance NYC Pride has seen in years,” says producer Jake Resnicow. “She’s blond and one of the biggest contemporary pop stars of our generation.” Sorry, guys, it’s still an awesome secret we can’t share!

And with your Ultra VIP status you’ll miss none of the action from your exclusive Private Elevated Viewing Area high above it all and avoid the lines with Express Entry credentials. Freshen up in Private Bathrooms, and drink it all in at an Exclusive Bar. Then, take the party home with a Limited Edition Matinee NYC 2012 CD. 

NYC Pride is next weekend – Let's celebrate. 

The Pride party of a lifetime is next weekend, from June 23rd-24th, at Governor's Island in New York City.

Matinée NYC is literally the biggest and best outdoor NYC Pride party. Thousands participate in a waterpark festival at a unique, tiered, high-tech venue. And a secret celebrity performance elevates the experience from epic to mind-blowing.

Ultra VIP perks include Express Entry, a Private Elevated Viewing Area overlooking all the action, Private Bathrooms, an Exclusive Bar, a Limited Edition Matinée NYC 2012 CD and More.

If you buy but miss the party, don't worry - we'll turn your voucher into Hookup Bucks useable with any of our other offers and events! (Stick around, we've got some great things planned.)

"Sweeping into New York during New York City’s massive Gay Pride weekend, the group’s Saturday evening début was a direct hit of gale force. More than 4,000 partygoers, straight and gay, caught the grooves of DJ-percussionist Theresa and DJ Taito Tikaro at a phenomenal event that was hailed for its professionalism and theatricality."

- Noize, Matinée takes Manhattan, 2010


"From the lip of the stage, for as far as the eye could travel, all you could see was an ocean of people: hands in the air, the lights reflecting off their jubilant faces. So overwhelmed was one boy that he kept repeating, “I wasn’t expecting this; this is amazing. I wasn’t expecting anything like this.” You might have thought it was the second coming—but no, this was Matinée New York Pride on Governors Island—and equally as revelatory...

...That lissome nymphet DJ Theresa (Velasquez) was in the house, creating mayhem with her bongos and a set that utilized the gloaming as a launch point for sexy, infectious beats, while a harem of hottie go-go boys (including the scrumptious Andres Monteil) worked the massive stage like it was an outdoor version of Broadway Bares. There were leather-clad aerialists whirling through the air and Tigger, the CO2 Fog Tiger from Ibiza, spraying the crowd and Darren Kawa on lights, highlighting a proscenium that was flanked by gigantic Armani scrims—and there was also that crowd. What a crowd! What a stunning mass of humanity, marked by a surfeit of South Beach beauties such as Bene Abbate and his twin, as well as Edison Farrow, and Tony Hayden, and Adam Weaver, and Mikey Nyugen, and DJ Boris, and the kind of women, leggy and slinky, who populate the pages of fashion magazines—and the joy of it all was the manner in which everyone was grooving on the same cloud. As one cover girl said, “This is a beautiful vibe,” which was totally accurate...

...And even then, the fires of Matinee Group’s debut in New York burned within. “Matinée loves New York,” Bru Marse Ortigosa had yelled into the microphone, “and we think New York loves Matinée”—to which the crowd had unleashed a huge roar of approval. No question about it; Matinée conquered Governors Island on Saturday evening—and never has a victory tasted so sweet. What a blast of Iberian fresh air—and what a glorious celebration of New York City Pride!"

- MRNY, Review of Matinée NYC, 2010, also located on Governor's Island


"Jake Resnicow and Patrick Crough are making a name for themselves on the North American circuit scene, completely turning the standard parties on their ear and making their Matinee parties definite game changers. Orlando's Universal Studios to Las Vegas Festival, each party gives the attendees high-tech staging, fantastic Cirque DeSoleil aerialists, high fashion gogo outfits, and one of the hottest crowds you will see."

- Out in New Jersey

Curated By

New York


This NYC Pride Matinée is taking over one of the most exclusive, most beautiful Islands in the world for Gay Pride. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and there is something for everyone: We have a massive 4-story tented dancefloor with state-of-the-art tech and open walls, an open air beach with waterslides, and the most spectacular views of New York City. We have already sold thousands of tickets to men coming in from all over the world for this event.Meet Patrick >>