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Suit Up! 40% Off Custom Suit, a Shirt, and Tie

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    $320 for suit, shirt, tie, free shipping and alterations. ($600 value)

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    For $320, today’s offer gets you a $379 custom suit, a $99 shirt, and $49 tie from the leader in online custom menswear, Indochino. Shipping, exchanges, full remakes, and a $75 alterations credit for use with a local tailor are included. Even better, everything comes with a money-back satisfaction guarantee. In all, this is a no-risk, special offer valued at over $600.

    Guys, some deals in life are better than others, and this one is flat out amazing. Trust us – you want to try this.

    Founded in 2006 to connect Asia’s best materials mills and custom menswear tailors to style-oriented men worldwide, Indochino has quickly grown to serve over 40,000 regular customers across 60 countries. And with the support of a devoted fan base, amazing customer service, and suits that fit as perfectly as your own skin, the online custom clothing manufacturer will quickly and affordably transform your wardrobe.

    For Daily Hookup Members, this means a unique opportunity to dazzle with dapper, custom tailored menswear and feel confident knowing you're at your best. Indochino works equally well for business, special occasions, and good times.

    And the ordering process is easy. Simply select your suit style at and either accept the recommended style preferences or choose custom approaches to lapels, vents, buttons, lining, pleats, and monograms at no added cost. From there, enter your measurements, or purchase a $29 measurement kit in exchange for $29 in store credit. (Not sure how to measure? Indochino can walk you through the process with a 10 minute video.)

    Then wait just 3 weeks for a suit built to your exact specifications, with your choice shirt and tie included.

    If the suit isn’t perfect the first time, contact Indochino for complimentary full alterations or a $75 credit to use at your preferred local tailor.

    Should you then decide against the suit, Indochino & The Daily Hookup will refund you the purchase price if notified within 14 days of you receiving your altered order.

    It all sounds too good to be true, we know. For us, DH Curator Matt Dennison’s unsolicited endorsement, a load of good reviews, and the risk-free shopping experience put us over the edge, and we’re glad.

    Life is too complicated and you’re too busy to wear clothes that don’t fit. Represent who you are by putting your best frame forward. Then be the man who, like his suit, fits perfectly for every occasion. 

    What you need to know: 

    • $320 gets you a $379 custom suit, a $99 shirt, and $49 tie from the leader in online custom menswear, Indochino. 
    • Vouchers are to be used at*
    • Shipping and exchanges are included. 
    • Free alterations, or a $75 credit good toward use at a preferred local tailor is included. 
    • The Perfect Fit Promise: If your suit still doesn't fit, or if you're dissatisfied for any reason, return the suit to Indochino 14 days after receiving your order for a full refund of the purchase price - no questions asked. Review the full policy here
    • You may purchase a suit more expensive than $379, but must pay the difference. 
    • You may purchase up to one voucher for yourself and one as a gift. 
    • All vouchers expire on September 27, 2012.


    **UPDATE: Canadians may purchase immediately.

    Any other non-U.S. customers will be accommodated soon via PayPal. Email for details. 

    "Well I’m impressed.  Eight months ago I was so full of skepticism that I claimed I’d likely stick with my favorite off the rack brands and my incredible tailor for the foreseeable future.  Things have changed.  I can say with confidence that my next suit will be from Indochino.

    The real genius is not in your first suit from Indochino, but your second, third, and so on.  Why?  Because after you get that first suit out of the box and put it on, you can find what mistakes the tailors might have made (off the measurements you gave them mind you), and get them fixed with the $75 re-tailoring credit.  Maybe the pants are a little snug or the jacket could come in just a touch.  Indochino supplies you with a worksheet to record your new and improved measurements, and then you upload that adjusted data to their site.

    That’s incredibly smart.  Because as long as you keep your waistline in check, every suit after that one will be dead on perfect the first time you put it on.  No extra tailoring necessary ever again.  Load on top of that the brand’s unparalelled selection of fabrics and patterns, and Indochino succeeds in being incredibly unique.

    Yes you do have to wait a few weeks for your suit to arrive.  And yes you do have to weave your way through the slightly indulgent pics on their website.  But there is one thing you won’t have to do with Indochino which you will have to do with almost all other affordable suits…

    Settle." - The Indochino Suit Review, The Ultimate Gray

    "The ‘Ultimate Gray Pants’ fit like a dream. No two ways about it, these are the best dress trousers I’ve ever had the delight of wearing. The fabric skimmed my bulky hips effortlessly, and the seat/crotch was undeniably precise: for the first time in a long while, my derriere felt comfortably supported and not hidden under superfluous inches of fabric typically experienced with off-the-peg pants. The length was millimetre accurate and broke exactly where it should. I don’t feel I could have realistically wished for more; sure, slightly more durable textiles would be nice, but for the price I wouldn’t be so churlish as to complain." - Product Review: Indochino

    "That's the sweet spot for this company: when you get your sizing squared away and find your best fit, the price point takes over. Once you know it's going to fit, or you can make it fit at no additional cost, the prospect of building a wardrobe of customized clothing is eminently affordable."

    "The fit is perfect. Sleeve length, shoulders, jacket hem length, crotch, waist, inseam‚ all are spot on. I couldn't be more impressed! Much better than anything I've ever tried OTR. This is now my best-fitting suit."

    "It is by far the BEST fitting suit in my arsenal. No tugging, no tightness, yet everything lays perfectly on my body."

    "While made-to-order clothing can lean on the pricey side, we came across a slick, yet wallet savvy bespoke brand called Indochino. No doubt, this amazing - and affordable - personalized suit maker will leave SF gentlemen in a fashionable tizzy."

    "There is a secondary geek angle to the way that Indochino does business; their online customization process is exquisite. From nuances like choosing lapel style or the number of jacket vents to a comprehensive system that explains, step-by-step, how to properly gauge your measurements from the comfort of your own home, Indochino simply understands e-commerce." - GeekDad review of the Superhero Collection

    "Having successfully ordered from Indochino more than 7 times and counting...What you get is a great product that is well worth the money and surely better than anything  in the same price range that can be bought off the rack (OTR)."

    Curated By



    "I first heard about Indochino a few years back and was intrigued, but didn't really have a use for custom suiting at that time. That changed when a friend got married and wanted an alternative to renting tuxes- a few emails later and the groomsmen were all on board. The suits were beautiful, the quality was impeccable, and the entire transaction with the company went without a single hitch.

    I was glad my suggestion worked out and was budget friendly, because the last thing anyone wanted to deal with in the midst of wedding planning was having to battle with an online company over ill-tailored suits. Everyone looked great, and I've heard from a few of the people that they've worn their suits after the wedding and gotten just as many compliments as they did on the big day."Meet Matt >>